Fremantle Bentech Computers Accessories

At Fremantle Bentech Computers we take delight in our quality accessories and quality gaming accessories. We have a wide range of accessories which cover all your technical needs for computers and laptops.

Our categories of accessories include:

Networking, Video Cables and Other Accessories

Networking – we provide hard ware which enables your device to communicate to other devices on a computer network, for example an office set up with multiple computers which require interaction between quick books and outlook.

Video Cables – we provide cables which enables your device to be viewed on different screens between different inputs, for example viewing a laptop on the television screen using the HDMI cable.

Mice, Keyboards and Notebook Slipcases – we provide a variety of hard ware accessories which help enhance the functionality and mobility of your device.

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Audio Gear, Software and Storage

Audio Gear – we provide audio accessories which enhance your entertainment experience.

Software – we provide software which enables you to type up word documents, send emails, and protect your device from viruses and malware.

Storage – we provide storage accessories which enables you to extend the storage of your device and back up your files.

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Printers, Connectivity and Gaming Accessories

Printers – we provide printers which enables your documents and photos to be printed.

Connectivity – we provide hard ware that allows for computer connectivity with different standards, which includes: older devices, such as Serial; and newer devices, such as Firewire, and USB 3.0.

Gaming Accessories – We provide gaming accessories for your online gaming experience.

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Power Supplies

Power Supplies – we provide power supplies for a range of devices from computers to laptops and even provide surge protectors.

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