Desktop PCs – Start with ‘The Beast’, ‘Ben Special’ or ‘The Standard’ and then customise to your needs.

Fremantle Bentech Desktop Computers

Welcome to Fremantle Bentech Computers. We are the experts in designing and planning Desktop PCs and are here to help put together a PC which suits your needs.

We have preconfigured systems to assist you in your search for the perfect Desktop PC, these are fully customisable to suit your needs. We can expand the memory, add different drives, graphics cards and more to increase the speed and functionality of your new PC.

Whether you’re looking for an entry level desktop computer or an enthusiast gaming design, we have the perfect options available for you.

Here at Fremantle Bentech Computers, we have taken care of PC designs for you by configuring the below systems.

Gaming Desktop PC

The Beast

Are you looking at doing a lot of gaming? Do you need a well built PC with the capability to run intense programs such as Adobe PhotoShop and Corel Video Studio? Then we have the perfect PC for you!

Meet the Beast. This PC sure is fast! It is built to handle all the tough programs for editing photos, videos and even for high definition gaming. A lot of enthusiasts come to us looking for the right computer and we show them the best.

The Beast has awesome features, such as: Intel Core i5 processor, 16GB Memory, nVidia GeForce 1050 2GB graphics card, Ultra fast 250GB solid state drive plus additional 2Tb storage and 1 year warranty. This beauty has it all!

Fully customisable, the Beast is the perfect choice, so what are you waiting for? Come in store today and ask about our Desktop PCs!

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Bentech Computers - Ben Special
The Ben Special

Our most popular Desktop PC, the "Ben Special" is a sustainable design which has been put together with the best parts around. It has been planned to look good, feel great and well built for daily tasks in the office or for everyday use at home.

We understand your need for an efficient PC sturdy enough to get you through your assignments, presentations, reliable enough to run your business and able to perform at its best.

The "Ben Special" has an uber combination of parts which include: a Quad Core Processor, 8GB Memory, ultra fast 250GB solid state drive, Windows 10 and 1 year warranty.

Need more options? We can help you out as our PCs are very customisable!

So what are you waiting for? Avoid the fear of missing out today by enquiring about this handsome PC design.

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Bentech Computers - The Standard

The Standard

This PC is ideal for people who are looking for a basic PC. It is designed to be easily up-gradable. This basic PC has enough to get you going through your reports or web browsing.

What we love about this Desktop PC is that there is room for optimisation with bringing in other parts to cater to your needs. You may be starting out in the PC world and just need a gentle nudge in the right direction. You may have children who will be attending school soon and need your standard computer enhanced to handle more homework and assignments. We can customise your PC any time in order to help you reach your family's goals.

The features of the PC are: Dual Core processor, 4Gb Memory, 1Tb standard storage, Windows 10 and 1 year warranty.

Would you like to add more? We can help you out as our PCs are very customisable! So what are you waiting for? Come in store today!

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Intel NUC

The NUC Mini PC

This extremely versatile PC design is put together to provide convenience for people with no room for a standard Desktop PC. The small and neat PC can be attached to the back of your monitor for your ease.

The size of the PC allows you to work, play, create, entertain and inspire in any room and saves you space for storing your everyday items.

The features of this neat PC include: intel Core i5 processor, 8Gb Memory, HD Graphics card, ultra fast 250GB solid state drive and 1 year warranty.

Need more? We can help you out as our PCs are very customisable! So what are you waiting for?

Don't miss out on this sophisticated PC and buy one today.

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Inside the PC

Customising Desktop PCs

Are you looking for something more? At Fremantle Bentech Computers we cater to your computer needs, whether it be for gaming or multimedia or even graphics design. Need a computer with a high-end graphics card? We can arrange it for you. Need a 16Gb RAM Memory? No worries, we can install one for you.

It's easy to organise a customised PC, you have the power! Just let us know your specifications and price range and we will take care of the rest.

You will need to select from the following features and parts: motherboard, ram, graphics card, hard drive, processor, power supply, CPU cooler, and a case.

We make designing a PC easy, come to us with your ideas and we will do the research for you! So what are you waiting for? Pop in to our store today!

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Keyboard close up


We don't only sell Desktop PC computers and put them together, we sell PC accessories too! We have a selection of wi-fi cards, monitors, speakers, keyboards, mice, mouse pads and even portable external hard drives.

It is hard to list all of our accessories in one hit, so why not come in to our store and see these amazing add-ons for yourself?

If you are looking for convenience then look no further. At Bentech Computers we have the right accessories for you.

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