AVG and loss of data

Hi all!
We have noticed a number of people are still using AVG antivirus.

AVG has a bug in the program that can lead to your computer becoming corrupt and all User Data ie: Documents, Pictures, Email etc being not available when you turn on the computer!

Although this problem can be fixed it is annoying not being able to use your computer while it is being repaired.
It is highly recommended that you uninstall AVG as soon as possible.

We recommend replacing it with Kaspersky, which is hands-down, the best antivirus available.
A free equivalent product to AVG is Microsoft Security Essentials.

Christmas Hours

Bentech Computers Christmas Hours

Normal Hours until 22nd Dec
Closed 23rd Dec till 1st Jan
(support available see below)
Normal Hours again from 2nd of Jan

Great news is that Steve B is manning the phones over the break. He will be happy to help and can even come out to you to fix things if needed.