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Last night my Netflix got hacked! I couldn’t believe where the hackers were located….

It was weird. A few days ago my Netflix started defaulting to Spanish; I didn’t think much of it and just changed the language for each show I was watching back to English and that was fine. Last night though, I noticed a whole heap of TV shows and movies appearing in my “Continue watching” section. Weird shows that I certainly have never watched…

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Do You Backup?

Most people do not have adequate backup solutions in place.

Many buy an external hard drive and think that their valuable data is being backed up but sadly this is not the case!

A good backup solution will be automatic...

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Mac Spinning Beach Ball/ Pinwheel Problem

Patience may be a virtue, but in the case of Mac OS X's dreaded spinning pinwheel process indicator, even the most tranquil users can find themselves more than a tad anxious for the standard arrow cursor to re-appear and normal system operation to appear...

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