About Bentech Computers

Once Upon a Time...

Bentech Computers began in 1998 as a small computer repair business and have been located on Wray Avenue in Fremantle for almost 20 years. The team at Bentech pride ourselves as being friendly, approachable, understanding, helpful and strive to create an amazing computing experience for everyone. Our specialty is in enhancing computers and laptops to optimum performance.
Bentech Computers began its journey when computers were in box sets, operating on Windows 95. The floppy disk and DOS program were the latest craze. Back then the computer repair business only opened a few hours a week and only had two staff members. We have since then expanded and we've been continually updating. We’ve grown into a business that has 7 staff members and now offers on-site repair, in store repair, computer sales and after sales support.
We pride ourselves as being the friendly, local Computer repair team who you can come to with all your technical concerns.

The team at Bentech Computers strive toward our mission statement and uphold our team values.

Team Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the best computing experience for everyone through our passion for helping others, upholding great customer service and continuous improvement.

Our core values are:
dedication to others
quality and reliability
having fun