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7 Things every Mac user should know

1.Apple have a free MacBook Pro screen replacement program. Turn off your Macbook.Look at the screen carefully.Does it look awful?Clean all those finger printers, children’s hand prints and sneeze marks off it (damp cloth). Still looks terrible? If so, you may have a “peeling” retina screen. This is a really common issue on a lot…
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Choosing a new Windows laptop for your photography

So you have brought your new shiny camera, an assortment of lenses, the huge memory card is unpacked and ready to fill with beautiful images and you realise the laptop you bought in 1984 simply isn’t going to cut it any more. How do we choose an excellent windows based laptop to use for digital…
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Help! I can’t understand Computer Geek Speak

Computer Acronyms! “Your NTFS MBR on your SSD is broken. That will be $99 thanks” - sound familiar? If you can’t understand your computer guy – you’re not alone, and you need to read this. I work in the computer industry and hence have to help lots of people on a daily basis with their…
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NBN Speed

NBN Speed "I just got NBN and it's so slow!" Sound familiar? Don't panic; we can help you sort it out. With lots of people in the Fremantle area now able to get onto NBN, many are holding off because they hear all these horror stories of people having issues. Generally speaking the NBN is…
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