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NBN Speed

NBN Speed "I just got NBN and it's so slow!" Sound familiar? Don't panic; we can help you sort it out. With lots of people in the Fremantle area now able to get onto NBN, many are holding off because they hear all these horror stories of people having issues. Generally speaking the NBN is…
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Storms are also bad for your computer Many clients should consider surge protection to save their computer from damage due to a storm. Most commonly it is only the power supply unit (PSU) that needs replacement but often the entire computer may be dead. We HIGHLY recommend purchasing a good quality surge protector to prevent…
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AVG and loss of data Hi all! We have noticed a number of people are still using AVG antivirus. AVG has a bug in the program that can lead to your computer becoming corrupt and all User Data ie: Documents, Pictures, Email etc being not available when you turn on the computer! Although this problem…
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