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NBN Speed

NBN Speed "I just got NBN and it's so slow!" Sound familiar? Don't panic; we can help you sort it out. First things first: Run a speed test. Connect your computer connected to the internet, preferably via an Ethernet/LAN cable if possible.  If you must test on WiFi, try to test with your laptop/phone as close…
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Storms are also bad for your computer Many clients should consider surge protection to save their computer from damage due to a storm. Most commonly it is only the power supply unit (PSU) that needs replacement but often the entire computer may be dead. We HIGHLY recommend purchasing a good quality surge protector to prevent…
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AVG and loss of data Hi all! We have noticed a number of people are still using AVG antivirus. AVG has a bug in the program that can lead to your computer becoming corrupt and all User Data ie: Documents, Pictures, Email etc being not available when you turn on the computer! Although this problem…
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