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  • NBN Speed

    NBN Speed

    NBN Speed "I just got NBN and it's so slow!" Sound familiar? Don't panic; we can help you sort it out. First things first: Run a speed test. Connect your computer connected to the internet, preferably via an Ethernet/LAN cable if possible.  If you must test on WiFi, try to test …Read More »
  • Windows 10 update broke my AMD/ATI Graphics card

    Windows 10 update broke my AMD/ATI Graphics card

    Fix AMD/ATI Graphics issue in Windows 10 Having a dual screen setup is really useful, even necessary for some - and to have that suddenly taken away can be a huge frustration - but that is what has happened to people with AMD/ATI graphics cards during a windows update. Also …Read More »
  • My Netflix Got Hacked…

    My Netflix Got Hacked…

    Last night my Netflix got hacked! I couldn’t believe where the hackers were located…. It was weird. A few days ago my Netflix started defaulting to Spanish; I didn’t think much of it and just changed the language for each show I was watching back to English and that was …Read More »
  • Rice isn’t the answer to spills on your Laptop

    Rice isn’t the answer to spills on your Laptop

    Don't Put Your Device in Rice. Here's Why... Let's work together to get rid of the myth that putting electronics in rice is an effective strategy for treating water damage. It's not. Here's the deal with rice and water damage. Pancake batter on the counter on Sunday morning is relatively …Read More »
  • Fremantle Apple Mac Repair Services

    Fremantle Apple Mac Repair Services

    Fremantle Bentech Computers provide service to Mac users, everything from iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air right through to Mac Mini and iBook. We always give our customers the same advice that we would give our friends. Whatever service we provide, we promise you honesty and fairness in the services …Read More »
  • Do you backup?

    Do you backup?

    Do You Backup your data? Most people do not have adequate backup solutions in place. Many buy an external hard drive and think that their valuable data is being backed up but sadly this is not the case! A good backup solution will be automatic so you do not have …Read More »
  • Storms


    Storms are also bad for your computer Many clients should consider surge protection to save their computer from damage due to a storm. Most commonly it is only the power supply unit (PSU) that needs replacement but often the entire computer may be dead. We HIGHLY recommend purchasing a good …Read More »
  • AVG


    AVG and loss of data Hi all! We have noticed a number of people are still using AVG antivirus. AVG has a bug in the program that can lead to your computer becoming corrupt and all User Data ie: Documents, Pictures, Email etc being not available when you turn on …Read More »